About Me

About me: I am a Republican who LOVES to work on campaigns and promote political awareness. I did not always consider myself to be a Republican, but have always been conservative. Why the change you ask? Well when I first registered to vote at the age of 18, I registered as a Democrat. I grew up in the California Bay Area, the heart of liberalism. While I am a proud fiscal conservative, it was hard to admit that I was also socially conservative. What do you think people would have said had I told them that? I basically denied my conservatism until Obama was elected as the Democrat nominee in 2008. If Obama is a good indication of what what the Democrats stand for, I was definitely in the wrong party! Right then and there I re-registered. As I work on campaigns and grassroots efforts, I become more and more proud of everything the Republican party promotes; fiscal responsibility, family values, and self-reliance.


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